Industrial Coatings & Care

IGL Coatings Eclipse

ecocoat eclipse is a REACH compliant ceramic coating which is formulated specifically for the extremely demanding industrial applications involving hazardous chemicals, oil & gas and cement that requires good releasing property and chemical agent resistance. Synthesised using the latest nanotechnology, ecooat eclipse creates a ceramic coated surface that is a high anti-fouling chemical, reducing the need for maintenance and cleaning. Also great as adhesives for industrial use, wall and ceramic tile, antifouling and antifreeze chemicals for glass, fillers in surface automobile repair work, cement waterproofing, chemicals used in industry.

Size : 200ML, 500ML, 1L, 5L & 20L

Professional use only

IGL Coatings Wood

ecocoat wood is a REACH compliant 100% breathable, water based, zero VOC ceramic coating. It creates an invisible layer based on nanotechnology which absorbs into and coats each individual fibre of the wood or wpc to repels undesirable liquid, dirt and UV-radiation. This is an amazing alternative to the traditional oil or lacquer that doesnt alter the breathability, flexibility, appearance or odour of the coated surface.

Size : 500ML & 5L

IGL Coating BBQ

ecocoat bbq is a REACH compliant premium bbq pit and oven ceramic coating formulation that has more than 90% of nanotechnology based active material. It forms an interlocking glass like finish on a molecular level with amazing protection. The result is higher resistance against high temperature, micro marring, chemical attack and staining that will last for up to 1 year.

Size : 30ML Kit



Industrial Maintenance

IGL Coatings Wash

ecoclean wash, is a nanotechnology based waterbased, zero VOC, shampoo that cleanse and condition your vehicle in one easy step. Our unique blend of surfactant cleans deeply and provides sufficient lubrication for dirt removal and maintain the cleanliness of the vehicle for a longer period.

Size : 100ML, 500ML, 5L & 25L

IGL Coatings Paint

ecoshine waterless, is a nanotechnology based waterbased, zero VOC nanotechnology spray-on/ wipe off cleaner which safely removes surface contaminants & leaves your car absolutely spotless. It is designed to ‘lift’ dirt away while the powerful surfactants break down road grime. The added silane creates a smooth & protected finish with less dirt pick up.

Size : 100ML, 500ML, 5L & 25L

IGL Coatings Multi

ecoclean multi, is a nanotechnology based natural cleaner that removes grease, oil, dust and dirt dissolve with ease. A unique blend of natural ingredients delivers powerful results. It is a great all around natural cleaner that cleans from vinyl to metal and from auto to home.

Size : 100ML, 500ML, 5L & 25L