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Automotive Coatings & Care

Coatings especially designed for the automotive, detailing industry and car manufacturers. Our 100% low and VOC free coatings protect the exterior and interior of vehicles in a sustainable and eco friendly way.

we have created specific coatings for every surface, this makes them extremely sustainable. 


Marine Coatings & Care

 Coatings especially designed for the marine industry. IGL coatings. Marine is constructed in a way it leaves a Cristal-like coating on the used surface. 

it protects against salt water, mold, temperature differences, chemicals and has anti-fouling properties. sustainable up to 2 years, eco friendly and gives a beautiful finish. 

Industrial Coatings & Care

Coatings for industrial and commercial ends. IGL Coatings eclipse is a high solid nano-coating that protects surfaces, makes maintenance quicker and easier and reduces wear. 

eclipse is applicable on vehicles, industrial installations, tools and more.

industrial coatings
bicycle care bike coatings

Bicycle Coatings & Care

Bicycles are getting more expensive, advanced and technical. because of this we created a coating which suits the road the industry is going along. A High Solid easy to use coating delivered in a complete kit, or you can have your bike treated at one of our application centres.

Wood Coatings & Care

Wood is a beautiful material to use for houses, furniture, boats and in your garden. Protecting the wood and still maintaining the same feeling is a hard task. IGL coatings has created a coating which protects the wood and still remains the same look and feeling. this coatings provides protection up to 10 years!

hout coatings
aviation coatings & care coatings

Aviation Coatings & Care

IGL Aviation coatings are on their way 😉 

stay tuned! more info coming soon

Training and service

Good product and materials is very important for a good sustainable result. 

The right knowledge is just as important, that’s why at IGL Coatings we give users and customers the opportunity to follow a training program in one of our training centers. sharing knowledge is a main priority for us because together you know more then on your own.

training en service
reinigen en onderhouden, schoonmaken

cleaning and maintenance

Coated and protected products need maintenance just like everything in this world, that’s why the right maintenance is very important to get the most out of your products. 

IGL maintenance product are made to work with the coatings we make.

They give great cleaning, correction and processing while keeping the eco friendly aspect a priority.